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Lee Hyung-Suk 이향숙

http%3A%2F%2F24.media.tumblr.com%2F3d183f7b0df8c6ff192d263870a25f70%2Ftumblr_mqzurqFPxJ1sd1xcho1_500 http%3A%2F%2Fimagescale.tumblr.com%2Fimage%2F1280%2F4fac667f08c1004229b4bb7ef6ff3c76%2Ftumblr_mshd33IfsG1sd1xcho1 tumblr_mqqv4pId6v1sd1xcho2_500 tumblr_mr5tavRtvq1sd1xcho5_250 tumblr_ms0p9nWwbp1sd1xcho1_500

Stage Name: Hyungsuk 향숙

Date of birth: April 24, 1992

Height: 165cm

Blood type/Horoscope: A / Taurus

Position: Leader and vocalist


  • Her ideal type is Big Bang’s TOP
  • She was in “Birth Of Secret”
  • Her twitter was @babysugar424
  • She used to live in New Zealand for 6 years then she realized she wanted to be a singer so she returned back to Korea
  • She cries a lot
  • She is close friends with 2am Jinwoon
  • She participated at JTBC audition program ’Made In U’
  • She says Hyerin resembles her the most because they both likes shopping and have the same diet
  • Her style is converse, skinny (I don’t know I think she means jeans), large tees and leggings
  • Her hobby/speciality is foreign languages, shopping, reading, piano and singing
  • She has the habit of lip bitting and spacing out
  • Her nickname is Sukkie and Crucian Carp (because she blinks alot)
  • She looks worst without make up in the group
  • Her motto is “no pain no gain

Kim Hye-Lyn 김혜린

tumblr_ms0kgzaRZL1sd1xcho1_500 tumblr_mr7lugOjmD1sd1xcho1_500 tumblr_mr5tavRtvq1sd1xcho2_250 tumblr_mqzuua7NLl1sd1xcho1_r1_500 tumblr_mqqv1tEg0t1sd1xcho1_500

Stage name: Hyelyn 혜린

Date of birth: July 23, 1993

Height: 170cm

Blood type/Horoscope: A / Leo

Position: Dancer and rapper


  • She’s my bias
  • She really respects Lee Hyori
  • She was the main actress in 2eyes’ mv “Don’t Mess With Me” drama ver
  • She was a JYP trainee
  • She is close friends with Miss A’s Min
  • She has the best skin in the group
  • She is the sexiest member
  • She loves dancing (like lee hyori) so she picked a random place (Itaewon) and danced to Beyonce’s song that’s why she is called the Itaewon Lee Hyori
  • Her hobby/speciality is dancing, shopping, eating and chatting
  • She has an older brother
  • She has a habit of wetting her lips
  • Her style is street fashion/clean and natural fashion
  • Her motto is “Don’t hesitate to do it or not”
  • Her nickname is Rwin and Rinnie
  • She says Hyungsuk resembles her because they like similar things and have the same humor

Lee Da-Som 이다솜

tumblr_ms0p7ppQAa1sd1xcho1_500 tumblr_mr5tavRtvq1sd1xcho4_250 tumblr_mqzv0ug6iv1sd1xcho1_r1_500 tumblr_mqquzmOz3X1sd1xcho2_500 14158_227403124077932_919065007_n

Stage name: Dasom 다솜

Date of birth November: 13, 1993

Height: 164cm

Blood type/Horoscope: A / Scorpio

Position: Visual and rapper


  • She participated at JTBC audition program ’Made In U’
  • She can eat alot
  • She is the most lady-like member
  • She auditioned to Sidus HQ as an actress but the director said she is perfect for the new girl group he wants to make
  • She is the least flexible is the group
  • Her hobby/speciality is watching movies and swimming
  • Her style is clean simple and one color point
  • She has a younger brother
  • She has the habit of tearing on her lips
  • Her nickname is Somie
  • Her motto is if you can’t avoid it, enjoy it

Jung Da-Eun 정다은

tumblr_mqquwfi1Iz1sd1xcho1_500 tumblr_mqzuynaLMP1sd1xcho1_r1_500 tumblr_mr5tavRtvq1sd1xcho3_250 tumblr_mryyv1QVw41sd1xcho1_500 tumblr_ms0pbfpclD1sd1xcho1_500

Stage name: Daeun 다은

Date of birth: June 3, 1994

Height: 168cm

Blood type/Horoscope: A / Gemini

Position: Vocalist


  • She is EXO Sehun bestfriend
  • She was Sehun’s seat mate
  • Sehun mentioned her in his ‘XOXO Thanks To’
  • She is good at imitations
  • She participated at JTBC audition program ’Made In U’
  • Her twitter was @ekdms158 (not anymore)
  • She is “manly”
  • She says she resembles Hyerin the most because Hyerin is tall and she likes her image
  • Her fashion is baggy clothes
  • Her nickname is Danee
  • She has an older brother
  • She has a habit of leaving her mouth open
  • Her hobby/speciality is dancing, singing, reading comics and playing games
  • She likes Chopper (onepiece)

Kim Yeon-Jun 김연준

tumblr_mqquug3xrZ1sd1xcho2_500 tumblr_mqzuweawc91sd1xcho1_r1_500 tumblr_mr5tavRtvq1sd1xcho1_250 tumblr_mrycb3jTgR1sd1xcho1_500 tumblr_ms0kdxfNHN1sd1xcho1_500

Stage name: Yeonjun 연준

Date of birth: March 18, 1996

Height: 161cm

Blood type/Horoscope: O / Pisces

Position: Maknae and vocalist


  • She was in the program “Last Audition of my Life”
  • She Debuted in a Dou called SpinEl
  • Her Stage name was El
  • She is close friends with GP Basic’s Janey/JNey
  • She can play the guitar
  • She is a Bana (B1A4 fan)
  • She has a younger brother
  • Her hobby/speciality is watching dramas, puzzles, watching shows and singing while playing guitar
  • She likes wearing shorts
  • She says she resembles Dasom the most

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